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"Scott teaches in 30 days how to earn multiple six figures in a year

Even with no Roofing Sales experience, These Strategies took him over a decade to learn


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grow with a mammoth


"Scott Teaches In 30 Days How To Earn Multiple Six Figures In A Year ,
Even With No Roofing Sales Experience, What Took Him Over A Decade To Learn


Scott talks live with our candidates On zoom about our vision. 

Dress for success, do your research, have good questions ready 

our reps lead the industry in income because of our training and marketing.


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 Big Ticket Items mean More Money
• Bigger "Things" = More Money when you sell them. Our Proprietary system is designed for you to Sell Larger Projects
• One of the Highest paying jobs in direct sales
• If you're good at sales you should make 100k in aNY industry.
• get there faster selling larger items with larger commissions / bonuses
 Experience is Great, but Not Required
• You don't have to have years and years of education. You need to be smart, hard working and honest
• one of the most Lucrative 'essential businesses.'
 Selling your product directly to "decision makers"
• Directly able to help the people making the decisions
• No gatekeepers
• shorter sales cycle
 they have to buy Now
• When dealing with insurance, homeowners generally have one year. They'll make their decision in the first 60-90 days after a storm
• Insurance companies set the time window to get the work done
 Mammoth | The Market Leader
• Hundreds of Google Reviews | Great Reputation
• Best Warranty, Best Branding, Best Crews, Best Team
• We are Bulk Buyers = Stronger pricing and more Competitive
• we want you to win. Autonomy, Trust, Training
 Training with "mammoth u" is Second to none
• No experience? no problem. we train in 30 days how to sell roofs at expert level
• online video training with over 70 videos
• CLEAR Frameworks To Help You Learn Fast. Just "Check The Boxes"
• Visual tools, Training Manual, Blueprint for success
 Tech and Tools Provided
• company paid ipads 
• Uniforms - Shirts, Hats, other mammoth swag
• beautifully designed Marketing materials
• Tools - Ladder, Woolly Bully Bag with inspection tools

 We provide leads
• proven closers get leads to supplement their prospecting efforts 
• canvassing exponentially increases our lead flow and conversion

 We Value "Family"
• Mammoth humanizes the restoration experience
• Work family needs to support your home family
• "significant others" join us on earned company trips

 Video Training
• our online platform lets you learn the business aggressively and get training anytime
• mammoth really wants our team to be able to hit peak performance early in their journey, our training is designed to do just that!
 "Mentorship" Style Field Training
• We don't follow a "thrown to the wolves" or "spaghetti against the wall" approach.
• We choose our new team members carefully so we invest time to make sure they will have success
• Our "Mentors" are our RVPTs who provide field training and structure to make sure our new PCs are on track for success
• we want you to win.  
 Complete Training Manual
• Prospecting training, inspection training, scripts, visual assets, checklists
• The Mammoth Success Blueprint
get Paid to Train
 "Momentum Team" Kickstart Training
• guaranteed Training Pay
• Closed Business bonus for every job we close on appts you set
• High Performance Bonus


 for Check Collection and steady Income (5% draw for checks collected so that you don't starve waiting to close jobs out)


AGGRESSIVE Pay Plan to Bring Aboard Great Talent. 
$75,000 -  $365,937.  Ask about This Number.

COMPANY TRIP for employee and "significant Other" (top performers)

100% PAID HEALTH COVERAGE Available for our employees :  Employee may add family for additional premium

W2 Employment from a real established business


SELL  Roofs Using our "Getting a Deal process" 

INPUT Leads into our CRM

PICK UP Checks


UPLOAD Photos and contracts

FOLLOW UP Follow Up, Follow up

ATTEND adjuster appts and weekly meetings 

SUBMIT jobs and work orders

SHOW UP early and prospect around builds

Regional Vice President

•  Base Pay + Profit Sharing

•  Recruit, Train, and Build Teams

•  Company Truck, Gas Card, Expense Card

•  Train Leaders

•  recruit your own team

•  Seat at the Great Oak Table

•  Pay:  $100,000 - $500,000

hear from our mammoths
 "Scott, What's It Like To Work With Your Team?"
About The leadership

A letter from Scott

RoofingReally?  That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first considered entry into the industry. After graduating Texas A&M University, I was on the hunt for success which put me on a path to years of "job hopping."   

I didn't quite make it in music , I thought surely I would've been long retired as a former  rapper / musician by now!  (Trust me, it's embarrassing to admit, but it's the truth.... I used to brag that our "band" went "on tour" in the early 2000s.  It was one Tyler, TX. Needless to say, we weren't exactly Pearl Jam ).

 If you would have seen me "sing" in those days, you would have known that my career was going to be short-lived.  

If you can't tell, I am evangelical about roofing sales because it's the job that changed my life. I was bankrupt before I started in-home sales, literally. Chapter 7.  

Think about the most rock bottom place you've ever been in your life, the pain, the hurt, the feeling of failure, defeat, self-loathing, desperation and for me... depression.

That's where I was, my future wife had to hold my head the night I quit the last job I had before roofing, I remember her telling me everything would be all right.  

Then I was shown the Path.

Let me set the stage for you.  From 2000-2010,  I tried it all...  

I was a Series 7 and Series 63 Licensed Stockbroker,

a Licensed Insurance Adjuster,

a Licensed Mortgage Banker and Broker, 

a Licensed Commercial Insurance producer,

a Car Salesman, 

I flipped houses, 

Sold timeshares, 

I was willing to do almost anything  to get me to the next level...

But I was being "lied to..."

The problem was that all these employers talked a big game, saying things like "you're going to make 100,000 working here!"  

Then I got to these places,  my suspicions were confirmed.  There was usually only one or two people there that made six figures, and they had been there many years, and worked crazy hours  and they were getting the lion's share of all the leads.  

What a crock.

I was in a desperate place... I was 6 months out of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy when I took a job in the construction industry (roofing sales). Only because I didn't want to flip burgers, I'm not the kind of person to take a handout.

Little did I know that GOD HAD A PLAN for me.

Roofing sales changed my life.   And best of all, it's helped me change other people's lives by making them more money than they've ever made in their lives.  In fact most of our sales team will tell you that themselves.

Before you write off the roofing industry and say to yourself, " I don't do roofing," or, "it really seems like this guy is selling me hardcore."

I am! 

 Everything in life is a sale. Selling is about providing value and helping people. Marketing is about being different.  I think we can agree that this message is very different.

I want to meet the best of the best, the elite of the elite, we hire Top Performers Only. That's why there are so many stories of people changing their lives here.  We find the right people, then give them the tools and training.

I need time to tell you more. 

Do this. Look at the videos on our page.  You'll get a real feel for what we are about.  Also, notice that I've put all the information you'd want to know about a job and a company.  Transparency.  Isn't that refreshing? 

I want to talk to you personally.  If our videos here make you feel inspired because you see our trajectory, you're able to put together that this is a ground floor opportunity, then send us your contact info on the submission form here.  We are growing so fast, we need leaders who want to move up!

Once we get your information,  will review your credentials...

You can also schedule your call on Calendly after you've submitted your contact info. It's a good idea to get on the calendar because I only have 3 hours a week for first interview calls.

If after reviewing your credentials / resume, we don't think you would be a good fit, we will reach out to let you know that the call won't be necessary.

Feel free to follow up with our Recruiting Team in our Office Headquarters, just ask for our Recruiting Director. (Hint, this shows initiative and aggressive action towards your goals.)

Our team makes great money, works outdoors, makes their own schedule, and gets health and dental benefits, as well as a company trip for Top Performers

The thing is, the job is not for everyone.   If anything you've read here piqued your interest, then click in the red box on this website and submit. your info to me so that we can meet and I can share with you the Mammoth Mission.

Like I said, I am very passionate about this career, and I know I can help others who are ready to change their lives... I look forward to meeting you.


Scott Edwards
Founder and CEO
Mammoth Contracting, LLC (Mammoth Roofing and Solar)
Scott's Testimony

"Scott, Will The "Mammoth Method" System Work For Me Too?"

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How much money the that people I lead make...
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